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Beavers Plush Sleep Sack

Beavers Plush Sleep Sack

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Teaching baby a healthy sleep routine is not always easy. Perlimpinpin sleep sack is the first step for a safe and restful sleep. With its reverse zipper, this safe sleep bag will make diaper changes very easy! Fully adapted to the cold Canadian winter, this plush sleeping bag will keep baby's feet warm. In addition to being super comfortable all night or daytime naps, your little treasure will also be very comfortable in his sleep bag as it allows a great freedom of movement. Using a sleep bag clears from the crib loose blankets that can interfere with baby's breathing. Perfectly adjusted to fit the neck hole and opens only from the bottom, ensuring the bag is never over baby's head. Pair it with a blanket and baby will get an ideal and comfortable set for the winter!

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